Therapy Process

During the therapy process, sometimes a situation is addressed from both building and deconstructing perspectives.

I facilitate relationship analysis with my clients to explore methods that build capacity for:

  • healing psychic grief and trauma,
  • self-acceptance,
  • reimagining and enjoying life,
  • fully exploring abilities, and
  • enhancing interpersonal skills.

The therapy process can also involve working together at pulling down obstacles to the capacity to explore, connect and enjoy life – uncovering ways someone’s usual responses to situations might foreclose positive results.

Knowing more about yourself can lead to your having understanding and compassion about your problems and can work in service of successfully managing your situation. You may wish to recognize and understand underlying issues and intentions that are not always immediately apparent. Identifying and building on your unique strengths will help you formulate individualized intentions that generate change.

My integrative practice approach follows a foundational premise that mind functions in concert with the body – primarily beneath awareness. I work interactively and collaboratively. I often am asked to provide EMDR, which is a protocol and method specifically formulated to help release and heal trauma that resides deep in bodily memory. EMDR has also been successfully utilized for other issues that are not trauma-related.

In longer-term work, my therapeutic role facilitates the unwinding of knots, those stuck places that can keep a person repeating patterns that result in unhappiness. In shorter-term, problem-oriented psychotherapy or consultation my role is to help you identify, clarify and focus on your immediately relevant issues.

Whichever path you choose, we can together set goals and a time frame to periodically review to ensure that your needs are being met.