Life Transitions

Difficult or traumatic life events often initiate unwanted change or transition. Situations – surviving a trauma, diagnosis of anxiety or depression, and perhaps being prescribed medication for mood regulation – can result in feelings of  grief, anger or loneliness. Other life issues that move an individual along her/his developmental trajectory may include addressing the mind-shift necessary for managing a career change or incorporating a new member into the family.  These changes present challenges that I can help you work through.

Ongoing Stressors

I have experience helping my clients with longstanding problems that continually interfere with living a satisfactory life.  If these problems were addressed, the result would be improved contentment with everyday functioning. For example, problems like the inability to make decisions about important things, compulsiveness, anxiety, panic, the experience of early trauma, and disrupted family relationships can be helped by supportive review, exploration and processing of contributing factors, and learning of specific skills to help improve emotional regulation.