Practice Areas & Interests

Body-Mind Practices

There are practices I recommend that completely absorb the body-mind such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation, and sports if played with focus. Just a few of the benefits include managing stress by calming the central nervous system, reducing anxiety and reducing symptoms of depression.

EMDR Therapy

I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), also referred to as “adaptive information processing.” It is a modality that is helpful with working through trauma, including childhood abuse or neglect. EMDR therapy can be effective for more everyday problems and removing obstacles to accomplishing goals.  EMDR integrates methods from several traditions such as the cognitive and behavioral, yet its use involves a discrete protocol. The international EMDR association provides more detailed information on their website: and Laurel Parnell’s website provides information regarding use of EMDR to work with relational trauma:

Psychoanalysis or Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy

Simply put, my basic grounding in psychodynamic therapy and psychoanalysis provide context for deep exploration of all that you are. The “depth” indicates bringing awareness to aspects of oneself that have not been apparent. Awareness may lead to noticing options not previously available. This work is approached from a collaborative and relational perspective which is to say your contribution to the process is important and the social context in which you live and work is regarded as influential.

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices, including specifically engaging in happiness generating activities, assist with stress management and feelings of well-being and provide a helpful impetus to therapy. I might invite you to try one of these out, for example practice thinking about generating positive focus with this one: “Just One Thing” – Another site for helping build and maintain hope in difficult times is

Spiritual Practice Concerns

My Zen meditation practice and study of Buddhist psychology have uniquely prepared me to offer support for spiritual practitioners seeking help with issues that arise during practice, but may fall outside the traditional or expected realm of spiritual guidance.